Our vision

We believe every company should be data-driven.

With the very rapid growth of data sources and data tools, only a fraction of today's companies are able to build a modern data stack to properly leverage their data.

But at Datanow we believe leveraging data should not be restricted to large companies or scale-ups capable of hiring data engineering specialist teams. That's why we provide a solution targeted towards business users non-data specialists, that everyone can set-up and use.

The goal is simple: bring a modern data stack with the performance, robustness and scalability that a data engineering team would provide, with the simplicity of a no-code one-stop shop.

Who we are ?

The cofounding team met at Entrepreneur First and instantly clicked around the idea that if leveraging data was easier everyone would do it, and they want to be that enabler.

They have a very complementary skillset with experience both upstream (data engineering) and downstream (data analytics) of a classic data flow.

The team

Mario Cornejo


Matthieu Charmetant


Alexandre Larroche

CEO Right-Hand

Youva Kadji


Arnaud Pomponio