Transform your data into actionable KPIs

No technical skills required, with our easy-to-maintain no-code interface

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make data modelling accessible

No-code transformation

Modular and transparent: Use our drag and drop workflows to transform the data the way you want it

Easy to maintain: with our visual no-code model, always understand easily what each step does and eventually where your flow is broken, even if you didn’t build it

Cover 100% of use cases: the full power of SQL, without having to learn it (filter, date conversion, JSON extractor, text parser, cleaning, etc…)

Model your data

Get autonomy from your technical teams

Sales Ops case

Need to analyse sales-performance of his team.

🔧  Pain point

  • Lose time and reliability with weekly data import from all the tools.

🕹  Solution with Datanow

  • Get data from CRM and cloud phone system, calculate metrics and automatically refresh every hour.

🚀  Benefits

  • Increased sales team producitivity by 10% due to better tracking

  • 1 hour of manual work every day, no more Gsheets crash

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CEO case

Pilot his company growth

🔧  Pain point

  • 7 different tools to get an overview of all departments, not communicating with each other.

🕹  Solution with Datanow

  • Centralize all the company data in one tool and share visualization to internal team, investors and clients.

🚀  Benefits

  • One day per month to create performance review and OKR meetings.

  • No need to hire data engineer to be data-driven (100k€+ per year).

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CTO case

Answer to data demands from other departments and CEO

🔧  Pain point

  • No time to spend on data analytic (focus on Core product)

🕹  Solution with Datanow

  • Outsource and automate data infrastructure building

🚀  Benefits

  • Focus key developer / IT team time on core product

  • State-of-the-art modern data stack in one week instead of 6 months

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Create metrics you understand

And share them


Benefits from our experience to provide the most important metrics right away.

 Access control

Ensure you share information and table with selected users based on their team and data proficiency.

🕰  Visual data lineage

Always understand where your data is coming from.


Do I need to know how to code ?

Our platform is designed for business users that don’t know how to code in SQL.

However, if you are familiar with SQL, there is also an interface to do your transformations directly.

How autonomous am I in making sense of my data ?

We are available to help you to understand your data, how to organize it, name it and transform it in inteligible KPIs.

How do we get support if we have issues ?

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues you may encounter :)

You can reach out to us via email or phone and we'll work to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.